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Wild Horses Sheltered in Blizzard I - 40" x 30"

Wild Horses Sheltered in Blizzard I - 40" x 30"

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Wild horses sheltered behind a thicket of trees during a blizzard. The cool white, turquoise, and browns inspired a chilly blizzard feeling. I could see the herd hunkered behind thicket growth on the edge of the plains. Having the horses face away from the view was fun to create. In addition, the original painting contains the texture of actual snowballs on their backs, something I remember well from caring for horses during snowstorms.

Wild Horses Sheltered in Blizzard I was the third completed painting of the Wild Horse Series and the Wild Horse Series - The Original Six created in Spring of 2022 in my Asheboro, NC studio.

Original painting is 40" x 30" x 1.5" (101.6cm x 76.2cm). Acrylic on primed canvas, two layers of UV protective clear varnish. Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Information on back of the painting.

This painting is currently unframed, with frame options available upon request. Free shipping of all originals in the US and Canada and at cost internationally. Sales tax collected for NC residents. 

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