Welcome to my art and thank you for visiting!

I specialize in Equine Art, as you will see! Before I could walk, I began riding horses. I am in love with these gentle, wild, beautiful, intelligent, and tender beings. Horses are special, and I adore watching them in pastures, in the wild, on the trail, or in the ring. But mainly in the wild, where I find my inspiration.

My works are primarily Acrylic on Canvas, but I also enjoy pencil, pen, oils, and watercolors on paper. All original canvas works are Acrylic, and all prints and products are the result of high-resolution photographs of the original.

I work in my studio in Asheboro, North Carolina, surrounded by dogs, cats, and my supportive partner, aptly nicknamed Cowboy! He loves horses too.

I began drawing as a child, and art class was my favorite class! I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Vermont and have maintained a private art career even as I worked to pay for life.

My works are available in Originals, and limited prints, and products. I accept payment through this site or directly through cash, check or credit card. 10% discount for cash or check. 

I am happy to discuss commissions. Please email me at hollykequineartist@gmail.com to learn more!