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Escape - Horses on the Run I - 30" x 40"

Escape - Horses on the Run I - 30" x 40"

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So MUCH fun to paint. I just fell in love with the colors and the horses anchoring the bottom corner. And thanks to a random comment from my brother-in-law who saw this painting in progress I switched from a background of western mesa landscape to a townscape in the distance. You never know where inspiration comes from but I love it when such a plan happens! Thank you Tait! This painting is full of amazing texture in the background - reminiscent of southwest carvings on rock face walls.

This painting is thickly textured in background landscape.

Escape - Horses on the Run is part of the Wild Horse Series - completed in Summer of 2022 in my Asheboro, NC studio.

Original painting is 30" x 40" x 1.5" (76.2 cm x 101.6cm). Acrylic on primed canvas, two layers of UV protective clear varnish. Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Information on back of the painting.

This painting is currently unframed, with frame options available upon request. Free shipping of all originals in the US and Canada and at cost internationally. Sales tax collected for NC residents. 

20% discount for all cash or check payments.

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