We have Launched!

We have Launched!

I may have finally settled on a website - oh my... I have tried all the options! Not one solves all the things I want. I am not a programmer so we can only be so choosy. Please share your feedback on usability as I employ this Shopify site to engage you... my audience. And remember you can contact and pay me directly via check or cash with a 10% discount and free shipping.

After many years of finding small slices of real estate to paint, none suited to the painting I do, I was able to set up a nice studio in 2022 in my home in Asheboro, NC, and find plenty of walls to hang my pieces until they find new homes. And I LOVE IT! Even if I choose to paint in another space (my kitchen is an awesome painting space, and I can hang with my family while painting) having a dedicated studio to store everything... make a mess... and inventory supplies is a treat I have long waited for. 

The video below is a quick intro to my studio and painting. It is a lot messier now! hahaha!!


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